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Full-Text Searching

Full text searching of this collection is available through the search box on the sidebar of the web site. To search biographical information, use the Advanced Search page linked below the searchbox.

Search Tips

  • All (default): All search terms occur in each page.
  • Any (check box): Any or all of the search terms occur in each page.
  • Without the words: Finds results that exclude the specified words.
  • Proximity: Search terms occur within the specified number of words of each other.
  • Truncation: Broaden your search by using an asterisk (*) or question mark (?): e.g. diplom* will find diploma, diplomatic; wom?n will find woman and women.
  • Exact phrase: Double-quotes ("") should be used to specify an exact search: e.g. "opera house."

Plug-in Requirements

Funeral Programs are available in JPG and PDF versions.

The JPG versions can be viewed in any Web browser and do not require a plug-in. They do not allow you to search within a page or zoom in on a page image.

PDF versions are available for download, though these files are too large for optimal Web browsing for lower-bandwidth users. To view the PDF files you will need Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher. The files are readable in Adobe Reader 6, but they do not display properly.

Permission to Publish

Text or images from this collection may be reproduced for publication, broadcast, or commercial use on the condition that you provide proper attribution of the source in all copies.

Citing Sources

Please use the following form for citation:
Eula M. Ramsey Johnson Memorial Funeral Program Collection. Augusta-Richmond County Public Library System. Presented in the Digital Library of Georgia.

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