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  Name:   Black, Hattie Smith, 1905-2000 (neé Cureton)  
  Title:   Eulogistic services for Mrs. Hattye Cureton Smith Black, Monday, January 31, 2000, 3:00 p.m., Springfield Baptist Church, 600 East McBee Avenue, Greenville, South Carolina, Dr. John H. Corbitt, pastor, officiating, 2000-01-31 - page 1 100%
  Died:   January 26, 2000  
  Funeral:   January 31, 2000, at Springfield Baptist Church (Greenville, S.C.)  

  Name:   Clark, Albert, 1910-1993  
  Title:   In loving memory of Mr. Albert Clark, Thursday, September 9, 1993, 4:00 p.m., Springfield Baptist Church, Greenville, South Carolina, the Reverend John H. Corbitt, D.Min., pastor, 1993-09-09 - page 1 100%
  Died:   September 7, 1993  
  Funeral:   September 9, 1993, at Springfield Baptist Church (Greenville, S.C.)  

  Name:   Lenhardt, Helene Brock Candy  
  Title:   Celebration of the life of Helene Brock Candy Lenhardt, Friday, the twenty-first of February, two thousand and three, three-thirty o'clock in the afternoon, Springfield Baptist Church, Greenville, South Carolina, Doctor John. H. Corbitt, pastor, presiding, 2003-02-21 - page 1 100%
  Died:   February 2003  
  Funeral:   February 21, 2003, at Springfield Baptist Church (Greenville, S.C.)